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Label Solutions


Blank Labels

A range of standard and custom blank labels are available off the shelf in roll format.

Our full range of label stocks and sizes are not listed on our website nor are our full range of printers. PMC can offer a wide range of DT, TT and Synthetic sizes which are available off the shelf.
Please contact us with your requirements so we can assist.

To view a small range of label stock and printers available, visit our purchasing website.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Direct Thermal

Direct Thermal Labels are designed for short term and high volume applications.
Suitable for:
• Address Labels | Courier Labels | Barcode Labels | Name Tags | Visitor Passes

Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer Labels require a ribbon. Labels are longer life, more stable and durable.

DT Synthetic Labels

Direct Thermal Synthetic Labels are water resistant and more durable than paper labels.

TT Synthetic Labels

Thermal Transfer Synthetic Labels require a ribbon. They’re a good choice for use in extreme conditions where they need to be hard wearing and water resistant.

Custom Label Solutions

Ability to create unique labels and develop alongside software to your requirements.
• Variable Data Labels produced in-house on 3 production lines.
• Digital Colour Label Printer available for small runs
• Custom Print Labels


A range of ribbons for desktop and tabletop printers available off the shelf. We can source ribbons to suit your specific needs if required.

Label Printers

Mobile Desktop and Custom Label Printers with suitable solutions for:
• Food & Beverage | Butchers & Meat Processors | Bakeries | Produce | Confectionery | Pharmaceutical | Cosmetics
• Print Custom-designed Labels | Self-adhesive Labels | Stickers

Contact Us

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