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Plastic Card Solutions

Plastic Cards

To view all PVC plastic cards and card printers, visit our purchasing website.
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Plastic Card Bureau Service

We can produce a range of Plastic Cards including Smart Card solutions with integrated data.
• QR codes | Magnetic strip | Contact & contactless | RFID | Dual interface cards
Suitable for:
• Secure Access Passes | Transportation Passes | Secure Employee ID Cards | Security Cards | Resident Cards | Membership Cards | Gift Cards | Loyalty Cards

We can print high quality large format, edge-to-edge colour, oversized (size 140mm x 88mm) plastic cards on demand.

Single and double-hole punch cards available.

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Plastic Card Printers

Scanners, also called optical scanner, computer input device that uses a light beam to scan codes, text, or graphic images directly into a computer or computer system. Bar-code scanners are used widely at point-of-sale terminals in retail stores.

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Printer Consumables

Plastic Card Printer Consumables for colour and monochrome printers off the shelf.
• Plastic Cards | Ribbons | Cleaning Kits

Access Cards

We hold a range of access cards off the shelf in a range of frequencies (genuine chips used).

Faster, easier and more convenient access for visitors. Enhance user experience through contactless solutions.

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Plastic Card Accessories

• Slot Punches | Lanyards | Price Tag Holders | Plastic Card Clips & Holders | Cotton Gloves

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A range of different leveled software is available as well as Customised Software Solutions.
• Badgy Studio | BarTender | Professional | Cardpresso | Zebra CardStudio 2.0 | Edikio Software | SignoSign 2 | Customised Software Solutions. Support is available for these products.

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