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Wristband Solutions


Wristbands are in cartridge or roll format, depending on the printer format and designed to fit several different printer brands:

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PMC Brenmoor Customised Wristband features:

• Hypoallergenic | No natural latex | Viable 8-14 days | Tamper evident security panel
Available in:
• 8 colours: yellow | pink | green | purple | blue | orange | red | white
• Babysoft wristband colours | white | red with sleeves
Zebra Fun band features:
• Suitable for 1 day events | minimal water exposure
• 7 colours: yellow I red I orange I blue I green I purple I white

ID Solutions for:

• School Trips | Hospital Patients | Guided Tours | Zoos & Aquariums | Museums & Art Galleries | Adventure/Theme/Water Parks | Camping Grounds | Outdoor Events | Sports Events | Concerts | Race Meetings | Nightclubs

Wristband Printers

Print wristbands as required for visual ID at any event or venue. The wristband colour range can be used to identify legitimate access to different areas, activities or days. Printers are available with software, as stand-alone or can be offered in a Printer and Consumables package.

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Wristband Consumables

Wristbands: available off the shelf.
PMC Brenmoor – roll format | Zebra cartridge fun bands

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