Tell Us More About Your Website Requirements... - PMC
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Tell Us More About Your Website Requirements…

    Website Management

    Do you have an existing website?

    Would you like PMC to host your email, domain and website?

    Would you like to have a website that you can edit yourself?

    Would you like to add shopping cart functions to your website?

    Do you want custom personalised forms such as 'Contact Us'?

    Do you have a preferred tone for your website? Formal? Fun?

    Creative Design/Brand

    Do you have a company logo?

    Do you have brand/colour guidelines

    Do you have an image library or promotional assets we can utilise?

    Do you need help establishing brand identity/personality?


    Are you using specific tools/platforms to assist your marketing?

    Do you use email marketing?

    Do you have defined business goals from your website? Leads? Customers? Revenue?

    Do you have a defined target market/ideal client?

    Do you need help with social media set up?

    Do you need help with search engine marketing?

    Copy Writing & Content

    Do you need help managing content for your blog/social pages

    Would you like one off suggestions for content?

    Do you need ongoing content that engages your customers?

    Do you require assistance with proofreading or editing?

    Would your website benefit from a content refresh?